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How to prevent oxidation of aluminum coil?

Edit:admin Date: 2018-01-26 18:11
Mingtai Aluminum is a famous aluminum plate/sheet/strip/foil/coil manufacturer in China. We provides high-quality products and perfect after-sale service. we have customers all over the world and have received good reputation. Aluminum coil is one of the commonly used decorative insulation materials, which is widely used in various decorative industries. We need to store it if we do not use it in the long-term, so one of the work we must do is to prevent oxidation.
1, to strengthen the management of air-dry, to ensure that compressed air without water.
2, to strengthen the management of rolling oil, the water content controlled below 0.04%.

3, the box's wooden shaft, box humidity is not more than 18%, aluminum alloy packaging insulation temperature is not greater than 45 ℃.
4, from the low temperature zone into the high temperature and humidity areas, do not immediately open the sealed package.
5, workshop, warehouse roof leaking, snow place, aluminum alloy insulation roll should not be placed.
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