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The rapid growth of the construction industry in Malaysia will boost the aluminum demand growth

Edit:admin Date: 2018-02-12 08:35
In recent years, Malaysia's construction industry has a rapid development, which will undoubtedly bring the demand for aluminum alloy material from the construction industry. In a recent market study, Malaysian investment bank said demand for materials from the construction sector, including aluminum, will increase.
The Malaysian investment bank said that the contribution of the construction industry to the demand for building materials is obvious. The number of orders from major construction industries is on the rise. Large quantities of construction materials such as steel, cement and aluminum have made the average sales price of these materials higher than expected.

The main driver of demand for building materials was infrastructure projects; the Malaysian government promised in its 2018 budget plan to invest more in roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, public housing, water and electricity supply.
Malaysian investment bank said: "These infrastructure projects will further boost the demand for building materials such as steel, cement and aluminum."
Aluminum prices in the world are on the rise as a result of China's winter capacity reduction program. "In addition, the cost driver will keep the price of aluminum fluctuating," said Malaysia Investment Bank. "As of now, the average price of spot aluminum is about $ 1,950 / ton."
According to the Malaysian Investment Bank forecast, aluminum prices will be around $ 1,900 / tonne and $ 2,145 / tonne respectively in 2018 and 2019.
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