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8079 battery packet aluminum foil

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8079 aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil is the most commonly used in 8-series aluminum foil, because of its excellent characteristics, widely used in food and drug packaging, electrical and household appliances and other household items, usually used as packaging materials. At present, domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of 8079 aluminum foil is not much, and applied to the battery soft foil aluminum foil manufacturer is one of a handful of Henan Mingtai Aluminum as the first domestic 8079 battery soft packet aluminum foil manufacturer, the product quality has been Strict checks, 100 percent guarantee the excellent performance of the product.

8079 battery aluminum foil

8079 battery soft packet aluminum foil

Why use 8079 aluminum foil as a lithium battery packaging materials? What are the advantages of aluminum foil in lithium battery applications? Here to introduce: First, the aluminum foil can inhibit the battery polarization, reduce thermal effects, improve the rate performance, while reducing the battery Resistance and circulation of dynamic internal resistance increase; followed by the use of aluminum foil packaging battery can increase the battery cycle life and improve the adhesion of active substances and current collector, reducing the cost of manufacturing pole pieces; the most important point, the use of aluminum foil packaging lithium battery can be significant Improve the consistency of the use of the battery, significantly reducing battery production costs.

8079 battery packaging foil

The future of 8079 battery soft packet aluminum foil

Domestic 8079 battery soft foil aluminum foil manufacturer is relatively small, mainly the market demand is not, and many manufacturers of aluminum foil production technology and advanced countries have a large gap. But the aluminum foil packaging lithium battery performance, low price, wide range of uses, so the market prospects are good. With the development of the electronics industry and China as a major industrial production base, the battery soft-coated aluminum foil market prospects for a broad, 8079 battery soft foil aluminum foil manufacturers will be more and more.

Mingtai Aluminum battery soft packet aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum in the production of 8079 battery soft foil aluminum foil used Andritz plate-type roll, in order to achieve a good plate provides a guarantee, the surface of the product produced more uniform flat net, version-type formation; the other using Honeywell Thickness gauge, to ensure the precise control of the thickness of the export to enhance the surface tension of 8079 aluminum foil, under the test of the pen is not less than 32 dyne, aluminum foil stagger layer error of not more than ± 1.0mm.

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