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Mingtai Aluminum 8021 lithium battery soft package aluminum foil

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-24 14:34
Mingtai Aluminum 8021 lithium battery soft package aluminum foil (8021 / 0- 0. 03- 0. 06mm) products, was selected in Henan Province's energy-saving environmental protection products.
In the context of global advocacy of energy saving and environmental protection, aluminum alloy materials easy to process, easy recycling, no pollution, and is not wasted. As energy conservation and environmental protection materials, its advantages should be widely universal.
 In the field of automotive lightweight, the use of aluminum alloy material, through the body design to ensure that the car strength and safety performance can also reduce the weight of the car, thereby enhancing the power of the car, reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust pollution. China's aluminum industry from the aluminum trailer, aluminum alloy cable, aluminum alloy construction template, aluminum alloy enclosure to the new energy aluminum alloy body city bus, from the transport field, the field of electricity to the construction field, application promotion range is increasing. As the representative of the aluminum processing enterprises, Mingtai Aluminum actively follows up, with remarkable results.

On the basis of deepening of aluminum application achievements,continuous digging, expansion of aluminum applications of new bright spots. Mingtai Aluminum making developed a new product, stretching the industrial chain as a top priority for the development of enterprises, has developed the color mirror aluminum, color coated board, aluminum battery box, auto parts, tank cars, trucks and other new products. To ensure that the product innovation and differentiation, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market to occupy a favorable position.
Lithium battery soft package material is listed energy-saving environmental protection products in our province of promote the application directory, it is Mingtai Aluminum a superior product. In the industrial chain is a high technological content, higher value-added products, The develop of lithium battery project can effectively promote the other aluminum foil manufacturers to actively develop aluminum materials, new energy materials applications, such as aluminum batteries. At the same time, aluminum is also the main lightweight material. From the car body, to the fuel tank, radiator, automotive interior and other parts, aluminum plate, aluminum foil products are steadily growing trend in the continuous improvement of the car's aluminum level. Speed up China to become the largest new energy producer, and the core technology in the lithium battery reached the international advanced level. The state of lithium battery market and new energy automotive market policy support for lithium battery soft package aluminum foil products to bring a strong market demand.
Through the implementation of the new project, the company's product structure can be optimized, innovative ability to upgrade quickly, the competitiveness of enterprises is continuous strengthening, to achieve the transformation and upgrading. Mingtai Aluminum will continue to adhere to innovation-driven, adhere to market-oriented, and actively develop green new aluminum industry, struggle to revitalize the national industry! 
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