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Application Analysis of Insulating Color Aluminum Plate

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-24 16:40
Color aluminum plate, colorful aluminum plate, is the nickname of coated aluminum coil. Color aluminum plate can not only insulation can also be soundproof, better performance than other sheet products, a wide range of applications, such as bars, KTV, cinemas and so on.

Insulating coated aluminum coil is a new type of decorative materials, but also a composite material. Color aluminum plate is with the gradual development of technology, then it began to develop and application in the market. In recent years, with the changes of market demand, color aluminum plate technology is also undergoing a small change.
Insulating coated aluminum coil can be insulated, soundproof, able to resist acid corrosion, crack resistance, easy to install. Coated aluminum coil is usually used in the roof and wall decoration and other fields. Insulating coated aluminum coil as the building materials, can effectively reduce the room temperature, improve installation efficiency, and durable, economical and convenient.
At present, more and more insulating colorful aluminum plate are used in the construction area. On the one hand, it can form a different architectural style, the choice of color and environment harmony, perfect unity, to the beauty of the enjoyment; on the other hand, colorful aluminum plate of high-tech ingredients to make its application convenient. Such as processing in the roller coating, continuous thermal composite process, etc., can guarantee the full performance of the material.
With the increasing demand for Insulating coated aluminum coil in the market and the progress of processing technology, Insulating coated aluminum coil will replace more building materials, becoming the most important star products in the field of building decoration.
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