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Advantages of aluminum alloy automotive Lightweight era

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Aluminum is an important material for automotive lightweighting
Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber composite materials, magnesium alloy, high strength steel, plastic and non-metallic composite materials, as the improvement and replacement of body material is undoubtedly the core of lightweight. Including the Mingtai Aluminum aluminum industry, including aluminum industry leader, should follow the pace of national development, shoulder the important task of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
The Development of Automobile Lightweight in China
Unlike Germany in the extremely stringent energy consumption and emissions under the weight of the development of the automotive industry. With many high-end cars and luxury brands gave birth to the world's best new materials manufacturing enterprises. But also different from the United States has a large number of luxury brand cars and the rapid development of electric vehicles, only Tesla as an example, enough to explain the advantages of its brand car lightweight. Japan is the world's first in the carbon fiber.

China's auto industry is currently in the world's largest production power of the status of the annual production and sales of more than 26 million or more. But in the car with new materials, professional research and development and production of new materials, only a few companies do better, compared with the German and Japanese companies, the gap is great. The domestic automotive new materials technology and industry development level as a whole lagging behind the development of the automotive industry.
Aluminum alloy in the car lightweight in the specific use

At present, a small number of aluminum processing industry, such as Mingtai Aluminum into the
multinational auto group's supply chain, as a material supplier and the automobile business to achieve a good integration, to explore the aluminum alloy in the application of lightweight vehicles.
5754 aluminum alloy with moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing and forming characteristics, is Al-Mg alloy in the typical alloy. The 5754 aluminum alloy sheet with different heat treatment status is the main material used in automobile manufacturing (car doors, molds, seals) and cans industry .5052,5754,5083,5182 aluminum alloy, thickness 1-3mm, for large Bus cover, trunk lid, engine cover, to the car industry's internal components, structural parts, aluminum parts. 6101 alloy aluminum belt, the use of electric vehicles is the connection. 6061 alloy aluminum, 2, 3, 4mm thickness, chassis for new energy vehicles, or automotive lightweight chassis protection.
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