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30 tons of "Made in Mingtai Aluminum" 5083 shipbuilding aluminum plate delivery Qingdao customers

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-27 08:58
30 tons of Mingtai Aluminum shipbuilding aluminum plate in succession to a ship in Qingdao Group, including 20 tons of 5083h111 aluminum, 10 tons of 5083-h116 aluminum, the aluminum plate will be used in small yachts. The group's yacht ownership of more than 300 ships, of which, Mingtai Aluminum board Accounted for more than 30% of the yacht aluminum plate share
For the ship business, the most worried about the problem than to enter the ship plate manufacturing aluminum processing enterprises can fly, product quality is guaranteed, which also shows some domestic shipping enterprises "common disease", the shipbuilding aluminum plate quality is not compliance, operation The pattern is opaque. So, as the leading aluminum processing enterprises - Mingtai Aluminum, is how to open the market, to win the trust of customers?

Authority board certification, to create a smooth market
Shipbuilding aluminum plate as a shipping market, according to state regulations, must be through the authority of the material access permit, can be used as a source of shipbuilding plate materials. Mingtai Aluminum board before entering the market has been well prepared, the 5083 aluminum has passed the "China Classification Society certification" and the international market common "Det Norske Veritas certification", access to the ship material "pass" For the further development of the board to lay a solid foundation for the market.
Ship plate quality and reliable, reflecting the customer value
"Mingtai Aluminum has always believed that quality is the lifeline of enterprise development, the key to quality is technology and management. We have advanced R & D team, innovation and development of technology, but also continue to improve the development of the market, Enterprise management level, to provide customers with the best quality aluminum products. "Mingtai Aluminum shipbuilding aluminum plate production team can be described as excellent in the excellent, operators, technical personnel and so are through a rigorous recruitment after the selection of posts. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum through Intelligent production equipment, packaging equipment, stable operation, the operator standardize the production
Mingtai Aluminum has been committed to creating high-quality aluminum products, shaping the international brand image. Over the years, through the breakthroughs in customer and market research, and constantly optimize the product, improve the business model, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, won a wide range of market recognition, but also to the international brand of aluminum processing enterprises continue to move forward.
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