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6061 aluminum plate procurement: these details as a buyer you should pay attention

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-27 09:04
The winter has quietly gone, the spring atmosphere is getting thicker, aluminum plate manufacturer also ushered in the new spring, many manufacturers and architectural decoration field began in this season to purchase the necessary raw materials for production. 6061 aluminum plate as the 1-8 series of aluminum with one of the most widely used products in the procurement process should pay attention to what issues? How to choose high-quality 6061 aluminum manufacturers? Mingtai Aluminum will be simple for everyone to tell:

Performance and quality of aluminum plate
6061 aluminum plate as a representative of the 6000 series aluminum, look at its national standard elements. Si 0.4-0.8, Mg 0.8-1.2 From its composition point of view, magnesium and silicon elements accounted for a relatively large proportion, so the composition of the 6061 aluminum plate has a better anti-rust effect, and the hardness of the strong characteristics. Although the magnesium content of 6061 aluminum plate is not as high as 5083 aluminum plate, but 6061 aluminum plate as a heat treatment of aluminum, quenched by high temperature rapid cooling into T4 or T6 state, the hardness will rise sharply.
6061 aluminum plate because of its large specifications of the production equipment requirements, the general small and medium-sized aluminum production equipment can not meet the production requirements. Mingtai Aluminum for the development of new markets to meet the needs of market development, took two years to build 1 + 1 hot continuous rolling production line, with vertical quenching furnace and 6,000 tons of tensile machine, specifically for the production of 6061 aluminum, greatly shortened The production cycle, to a large extent reduce the long delivery of aluminum problems, and enhance the Mingtai Aluminum processing market in the competitive advantage.
Logistics and after-sales service
As a leading manufacturer of aluminum tape manufacturers, Mingtai Aluminum has a strong self-logistics system, vehicles, personnel equipped with sufficient to meet the provinces of the one-stop logistics services. Strong service system for product transport, after-sales service to provide a strong guarantee.
6061 aluminum plate is the most widely used on the market of an aluminum plate, in the procurement of 6061 aluminum plate, you can pay attention to the selection of several points, select the Mingtai Aluminum and other strong, strong product of large-scale production enterprises, so that product quality, late Sales, etc. to be comprehensive protection.
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