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How to Reduce the Surface Wear of Aluminum Plate in Production

Edit:admin Date: 2017-03-01 09:06
Aluminum surface wear is a major factor affecting the quality of aluminum plate, in the production process a lot of improper procedures or careless operation will cause the aluminum plate surface wear, although the quality of the province of aluminum plate is very good but because the surface wear, will make the aluminum alloy plate level Lower, which is due to small loss of behavior, in the production process which can effectively control the surface of the aluminum wear and tear it.

To strengthen the control of the quality of the ingot
If the quality of the ingot is problematic, the quality of the aluminum sheet is more serious after some of the column processes. Therefore, it is very important to control the quality at the source.
The aluminum plate in the process of storage to be very careful
Aluminum plate in the storage process should have a very good protective measures, aluminum plate surface should have a protective film, aluminum and aluminum between the best interval, in particular, need to pay attention to is the bottom of the aluminum plate is not directly touch the ground need to be in the lower pad feet Wood to protect the aluminum plate from damage.

The production to gently, do not arbitrarily drag aluminum
The process of reproduction need to move the aluminum plate when the best use of mechanical operation or cooperation, to avoid the aluminum plate directly on the ground drag, otherwise it will cause considerable damage to the aluminum plate, seriously affecting the aluminum surface quality.
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