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Mingtai Aluminum: the leading aluminum plate manufacturer in China

Edit:admin Date: 2017-03-04 08:52
Equipment management is an important part of enterprise management. Strengthen the equipment management, reasonable choice of equipment, the proper use of equipment, careful maintenance, maintenance equipment, so that equipment in good condition, in order to ensure the normal production of the enterprise.
In July, Mingtai Aluminum  the leading aluminum plate manufacturer in China, its production equipment group organized ingot, milling machine, plate two, aluminum foil, hot rolling, plate one, recycling, casting, energy, grinding machine equipment inspection and evaluation. Evaluation method is randomly selected from the factory to participate in a general staff, a few plants in the southern part of the Mingtai Aluminum check several branches in the north, check the distribution plant distribution room, machine repair area, etc., the results of the assessment by the number of problems divided by the number of total number of ranks to reward, the low ranking of the branch department to make a fine review.
At the end of July at the end of the inspection and evaluation, the Mingtai Aluminum aluminum plate milling machine factory in accordance with the 6S management standards for their own responsibility and jurisdiction of the equipment and regional standard management, improve the level of equipment management. The inspection performance is outstanding, access to mobile red flag and cash awards.

The continuous and effective implementation of the inspection and evaluation system of the equipment of the Mingtai Aluminum Company has greatly promoted the improvement and improvement of the equipment management of the units, standardized the daily work of the equipment personnel, improved the work efficiency and more effective guarantee of the safe operation of the unit equipment, for the unit production and quality objectives to achieve a solid foundation.

Through the comprehensive inspection and evaluation, the control, the factory to find the gap, to identify the production equipment in the existing problems, in order to better promote the Ming Tai safety production company to lay a solid foundation for the task.
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