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Mingtai Aluminum ships and automobiles aluminum alloy medium and thick plate

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Mingtai aluminum is a leading large scale aluminum  plate manufacturer, production 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series and 8000 series different size alloy aluminum sheets and plates. Its aluminum alloy medium and thick plate are used widely in Car cover, beauty equipment, alloy castings, aluminum cans aluminum tank, aluminum shipboard.
The main products are 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series aluminum alloy sheet, medium and thick aluminum plate used in ships, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels and other fields.

The leading integrated section of the line, to meet customer customization requirements
The main equipment is uncoiler, rough straight machine, disc scissors, oil cleaning device, fine straightening machine, model flying shear, belt machine, stacking table and high pressure pump station, can realize the integration of complete processing. Wide range of production, Machinable range: 4-16 mm * 850-1800 mm * 600-8000 mm, to meet the vast majority of market demand.

Industry-class polishing technology, product smooth and smooth, uniform brightness
Through the pure mechanical principle, to solve the problems arising on the surface of the plate, reduce the surface roughness of the board, so that the appearance of uniform color products, bright and smooth. The surface of the treated sheet is delicate, smooth and uniform in brightness.
Ф660mm thick plate precision saw, product specifications vertical and horizontal error is less than 2mm
Ф660mm thick plate precision saw, according to the requirements of different customers, the aluminum plate in the plane on both sides of the precision sawing a variety of aluminum plate. Accuracy: Longitudinal parallelism Allowable error: ≦ ± 2 mm, horizontal parallelism Allowable error: ≦ ± 2 mm, vertical and horizontal verticality error: ≦ 0.1 mm / 200 mm, diagonal allowable error: 2.0 × aluminum width ÷ 1000 mm, cutting section surface roughness: Ra ≦ 25 (when feeding speed 1m / min).
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