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3104 Packaging Aluminum Plate Market Application and Demand

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3104 Packaging Aluminum Plate Application advantages
Aluminum thermal conductivity, lightweight, formability, protection, save resources, recycling, health and safety characteristics, so that in food, pharmaceutical packaging and other aspects of a wide range of applications.
product demand
Product alloy: 1060, 3104, 3105, 8011, 8021 and so on.
Features: good moisture resistance, shading performance and high barrier properties.

Mingtai packaging with aluminum manufacturing advantages
Siemens full digital system, precise control of product thickness
Electrical aspects of the use of all-digital DC speed control device, with the programmable controller Siemens 400 and other electrical equipment, to achieve a fully automated operation; mechanical use of the full hydraulic control, with high-precision pressure sensor and servo valve to achieve Precision roll gap, for a good aluminum plate control provides a strong guarantee. Foil mill annual output of 20,000 tons, the maximum export thickness of up to 0.6mm, the minimum thickness of the export up to 0.006mm, the maximum width of up to 1800mm.
For the domestic large aluminum caps production enterprises supply, to provide quality products
The company's bottle cap material has a high airtight, oxygen permeability and very low permeability, suitable for multi-color printing. Finished product saturation is good, high finish. Is a large number of large enterprises in the long-term suppliers, and with the largest domestic aluminum security cap manufacturers - Shandong Li Peng Co., Ltd. established a stable cooperation.

Liaoning Machinery Research Institute design and installation of cutting machine, high precision
Designed and installed by the Liaoning Machinery Research Institute Slitting machine, mechanical use of hard tooth gear transmission, high precision and good stability. Cone and the middle of the drive device using hydraulic, coil can be achieved easily and positioning. Electrical use profibus_dp, bus communication, signal transmission speed, high precision, low failure rate, anti-interference ability, for the equipment to provide a reliable guarantee.
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