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Application and Demand of 1050 Aluminum Market for Printing

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PS version is pre-coated photosensitive version, is printed with aluminum plate version; CTP version is a computer directly plate, is the PS version of the high-end products. With high printing quality, resistance to India strong, environmentally friendly, clean and sanitary, the cost is reasonable and so on.
product demand
Product alloy: 1050A, 1050, 1060 and so on.
Features: high quality, simplify the process, shorten the working hours, reduce losses
Mingtai Aluminum printing aluminum plate manufacturer advantages
International first-class Italian pull straightening equipment, to create the perfect plate

The leading Italian straightening and straightening equipment is equipped with a first-class strip entry system. It adopts the design method of the strip through the bucket to ensure that the surface of the product is free from scratch.
And the largest domestic offset printing plant cooperation, research and development PS / CTP version of the base
In February 2012, Mingtai Aluminum and China's largest printing research and production base - Lucky Group, jointly developed high-performance PS version of the base, CTP version of the base, the product has a high corrosion resistance and superior resistance to printing Rate, widely used in the domestic market, and to a certain extent, reduce the printing costs.

CTP version of the country's first sales volume, accounting for 80% of the domestic market
From 2005 to the present, the company PS version of the base / CTP version of the base production and sales has been ranked first in the domestic market share in the high-end has reached more than 80%. In the 2012 National Printing Industry Association, Henan Mingtai Aluminum won the development contribution award.
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