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Insulation new material - 3003 insulation aluminum plate

Edit:admin Date: 2018-10-19 10:57
Nowadays, many thermal insulation materials have been gradually replaced by new materials such as thermal insulation aluminum plate. Among the thermal insulation aluminum coils, the most widely used is aluminum alloy coils of 3003. The thermal insulation aluminum coils are not only light in weight, elegant in appearance, but also have a longer service life.
With the improvement of the quality of life, the demand for thermal insulation materials is also increasing, and the requirements are also increasing. Consumers demand that the thermal insulation aluminum plate not only guarantee the quality, but also ensure the age of use.
3003 insulation aluminum plate price
Mingtai Aluminum recommends that insulation materials manufacturers use three-line aluminum-manganese alloys as processing materials for insulation products.
3003 thermal insulation aluminum coil is also called rust-proof aluminum coil, mainly used for insulation of pipes, building roofs and walls. Generally, aluminum coils of 0.53 thickness are used for thermal insulation aluminum coils. In terms of insulation, 3003 aluminum coils is the first choice and can meet the demanding conditions of insulation demand in many aspects.
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