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Advantages of aluminium plate manufacturer 3003 3104 aluminium plate

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Aluminium plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum's 3004 aluminum plate and 3104 aluminum plate
3004 and 3104 are the main products of the 3 series hot rolling of aluminium plate manufacturer Henan Mingtai Aluminum co., ltd., the main purpose is the can body and bottom cover of the cans, the blind cutting material, the color coated substrate, the light cutting material, etc. .
Aluminium plate manufacturer 3004 3104 aluminum plate features
Features: Good color printing performance, high stamping elongation, good strength and other characteristics. Some well-known domestic enterprises are using, such as wang lao ji herbal tea and tsingtao beer, which has been unanimously recognized by customers.
Aluminium plate manufacturer make a detailed introduction
As the aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof color printing plate, 3004 3104 aluminum plate shows the property that the surface is clean and tidy, no oil, no black spots, no stick marks, no pitting, stable performance, bright surface color and good coloring performance. Strong corrosion resistance, good formability and decorativeness;
As a large-scale shopping mall, playground, high-end villas and some special environment roofs, mainly for the purpose of insulation decoration.

Application of aluminium plate manufacturer 3004 and 3104
The aluminum coils of aluminium plate manufacturer 3004 and 3104 can be used for the parts of the lamp holder. The product has stable performance, strong stretchability, not easy to break, high moldability, high molding performance, no waste, and the advantage is very obvious. It can also be used for some appearance parts, storage tanks, high temperature trays, pressure cooker containers, etc. The reason why 3004 is so wide is because of its stable performance, high strength, oxidation, coloring, stamping resistance and elongation strength. High, not easy to crack, but also because these advantages have been unanimously recognized by the market.
Aluminium plate manufacturer 3004 3104 aluminum plate is irreplaceable
Since the price is lower than that of the 5-series products, the market is more widely used. Some special industries must use 3004 aluminum coils, making 3004 and 3104 an indispensable product as an aluminum product. It is a mature product that most companies that use aluminium plate and aluminum rolls prefer and recognize, and they have a place in the market. As an excellent product of Mingtai Aluminum, an aluminium plate manufacturer, it can be unanimously recognized by the market.

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