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China manufacturer exports 3104 aluminum sheet for color coating

Edit:admin Date: 2018-10-19 11:05
As a famous aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, Mingtai often exports 3104, 3004, 3005 and 3105 aluminum sheet for color coating to the world. The tempers of Mingtai 3104, 3004, 3005 and 3105 aluminum sheet for color coating are h14, h16, h24, h26.and the thickness is 0.4-0.8mm.
3104 color coating aluminum sheet manufacturer
When people built blue roof of factory building and the roof of the simple house, they often choose to use aluminum sheets now, because aluminum sheet has longer service life with recycling value.
Mingtai Aluminum is China's famous aluminum plate manufacturer, producing 1-8 series aluminum plate, strip, foil, coil, and it is also Henan's first private aluminum processing listed company. It has obtained many strict quality certifications: ISO9001, SGS, DNV GL, CCS etc. So the quality of products can be guaranteed.
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