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2000 series aluminum plate of the Mingtai aluminum

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-15 11:23
What is the 2000 series aluminum plate? The 2000 series aluminum alloy is aluminum alloy with copper as the main alloying elements, including Al-Cu-Mg alloy, Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni alloy and Al-Cu-Mn alloy, the alloy is heat treatment can enhance the aluminum alloy.
The alloy is characterized by high strength, often referred to as hard aluminum alloy.
What are the uses of the Mingtai 2000 series aluminum plate?

2000 series aluminum alloy hardness is higher, the products are mainly used for aerospace and other fields. For example: 2024 is mainly used for propeller structure, aircraft skeleton; 2124 is mainly used for aircraft appearance, wing; 2224 is mainly used for aircraft structural parts; 2524 is mainly used for aircraft appearance. The performance advantages of the Ming tai 2000 series aviation aluminum plate:
1, the surface of the aluminum plate without oil stain, no waves, no scratches, trimming and tidy, no burr, no roller;
2, ming-tai aluminum production "1 + 1" wide, ultra thick aluminum plate production line, test the production of 2000 series alloy aluminum sheet, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2 a11, 2 a12, etc., have good mechanical properties, strength to facilitate processing, density is small, can make light structural material;
3, the tensile strength of the alloy is 400-500MPa, the heat resistance and fatigue resistance of the alloy is better.
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