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The three common problems of 5052 aluminum plate China

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-11-09 17:10
5052 aluminum plate application
5052 aluminum plate is one of the representative products of 5 series products. 5052 aluminum plate is widely used in electronic parts, precision machining, and various aspects of ships.
5052 aluminum plate manufacturers introduce you to common problems about 5052 aluminum plate
1. There are flaws on the surface of the aluminum plate
The surface problem of the 5052 aluminum plate, in addition to the billet, is mostly due to the fact that each machine train is derived from the production process.
2. 5052 aluminum plate has defects such as color difference, black wire and sand hole after oxidation
There are many reasons why the 5052 aluminum plate produces black wire, such as the rolling mill oil that is not properly managed by the auxiliary machine, and the indentation caused by excessive pressure or excessive tension on the surface of the board. If it is rolled to thin material, these dark marks Will become more and more fine, forming dark lines or black lines, and sometimes even can not tell whether it is oil or marks, or even on the surface, there is no color difference, but after oxidation, the performance is very obvious, to customers In terms of seeing the inconsistency of appearance, it must be rejected. The appearance of black silk after oxidation is the most fatal. Once this happens, there is almost no room for survival, and the losses and consequences are irreparable. Secondly, the color difference, generally the appearance of the product, the color difference can not appear, any customer is not willing to accept the same product has two colors, to eliminate these problems, or rely on the source of the machine to control.
The reason why the sand hole appears in the 5052 aluminum plate: the sand hole is generally an internal structural problem. It is caused by factors such as impurities or water vapor not being cleaned or other elements are not evenly mixed when casting the ingot, so it is required to be in the source of the ingot. Control detection is good.
3. Performance requirements of 5052 aluminum plate: tensile strength, hardness, elongation, bending requirements, etc.
As for the performance of the 5052 aluminum plate, the most is the bending deformation. This part cannot be generalized because of the different uses of the customer's products, but there are standards.
Need to be careful when producing 5052 aluminum plate
5052 aluminum plate is widely used, and the product classification is also more, but as long as we pay attention to the control of each link, the common problems are controlled at the source, the process is stable, and the products made will definitely be favored by the market!
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