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Common temperer for marine aluminum plate 5083 aluminum sheet

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5083 aluminum sheet commonly used temper

When it comes to marine aluminum plate, the first thought is 5083 aluminum sheet, which belongs to the 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is currently widely used in ships and yachts. Most of the medium-thick aluminum plates are used. Aluminum alloy materials commonly used by shipbuilding companies at home and abroad.

Differences between 5083 aluminum sheet different temper

H temper is a common temper for finished aluminum sheet, which means that the aluminum sheet has been processed and hardened to improve its strength. Among them, 5083h111 is suitable for products that have undergone an appropriate amount of work hardening after final annealing, but the work hardening degree is not as good as H11 temper. 5083-H112 temper is suitable for the free processing of hot-rolled sheet. 5083H116 temper is suitable for products made of 5 series alloy with magnesium content ≥4.0%. 5083h321 temper has good stability.

5083 aluminum sheet

5083 marine aluminum sheet manufacturers offer

The price of aluminum flakes has a certain relationship with the market price of aluminum ingots, manufacturer costs, product specifications, and temper. For the above different tempers, the performance is different, the processing methods are different, and the prices are different. Moreover, the price of 5083 marine aluminum sheets with different thicknesses and widths is also different. For specific quotations, professional sales staff must be consulted.

Mingtai Aluminum 5083 Marine Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

The 5083 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai Aluminum has high tensile strength, high elongation, easy processing and forming, and is not deformed for cutting. It is used in shipbuilding. American Bureau of Shipping certification, British Lloyd's Register (LR) and French Bureau Veritas (BV) certification.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has accumulated a wealth of aluminum processing technology production and service experience. It can customize the production of 5083 aluminum sheets according to user needs. Aluminum plate manufacturers. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum also provides a variety of aluminum sheets for industrial, construction, automotive, and electronic products to ensure high quality and low price. Welcome to order!

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