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Aluminium plate manufacturer corrosion-resistant 5086 aluminium plate

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Aluminium plate manufacturer - on anti-rust aluminium plate
Aluminium plate manufacturer, rust-proof aluminium plate refers to an aluminium plate that can exhibit good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, water, oil and other media. The rust-proof aluminium plate is generally used in oceans and ships, among which 5086 rust prevention aluminum sheet is the most important aluminum alloy in shipbuilding.
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduces 5086 aluminium plate
The 5086 rust-proof aluminium plate belongs to the 5 series al-mg alloy, and the magnesium content generally does not exceed 7%. As the magnesium content increases, the alloy strength will also increase, and the plasticity will decrease. The 5086 rust-proof aluminium plate is usually annealed and cold. Hardened or semi-cold for use in hardened state. Due to the action of magnesium, the aluminium plate manufacturer's 5086 rust-proof aluminium plate has a higher density than other aluminium plates and has very good corrosion resistance.
Aluminium plate manufacturer - types of rust-proof aluminium plates
According to the aluminium plate manufacturer, the rust-proof aluminium plate can be divided into three categories: Low magnesium content, medium magnesium content and high magnesium content according to the magnesium content. Among them, the lower magnesium content is not heat-treated and the low-strength aluminum alloy. Good weldability and superior performance in the marine environment. The rust-proof aluminium plate with medium magnesium content is generally used for manufacturing pipes, containers, etc. With high plasticity and corrosion resistance, and rust-proof aluminium plates with high magnesium content, which are generally used for ordinary welding pipes, liquid containers and the like. The 5086 aluminium plate is an aluminum alloy product with low magnesium content and resistance to the marine environment and climate.

There are many 5086 aluminium plate manufacturer
At present, many domestic aluminium plate manufacturer are also concentrating on the development of the 5086 aluminium plate market, increasing production scale and improving product performance. For example, henan gongyi, a national aluminum strip processing demonstration product gathering area, has its large and small manufacturers. There are many manufacturers of 5086 anti-rust aluminum sheets, and the product performance can reach domestic quality standards.
In Mingtai Aluminum, the production and research and development of 5086 aluminium plate are proceeding in an orderly manner. As the leading enterprise of aluminum foil strips in henan, the aluminium plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum's 5086 aluminium plate not only passed the domestic ccs quality inspection, but also sold well in china. It has also been certified by the norwegian classification society and has obtained a license for international marine aluminum panels. If you have a need for 5086 aluminum, please feel free to contact us or send us an email.

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