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Manufacturers quote of 5182 aluminum plate for can pull ring

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5182 aluminum plate for can ring

Ordinary beverage cans such as cola and beer cans are made of aluminum alloy. The open can ring is made of 5182 aluminum plate as a material. How much is the 5182 aluminum plate used for can ring?

Basic properties of 5182 aluminum plate

5182 aluminum plate has a processing thickness of 0.3-500mm and a processing width of 100-2650mm. This aluminum plate has a large amount of material. It can be used for beer, various drinks, canned fish and other multi-purpose aluminum cans. It has excellent performance, good corrosion resistance, and cold processing. Good performance, no peeling on the surface, peeling, with good medium strength.

Price of 5182 aluminum plate for can ring

When users buy, the price of 5182 aluminum plate for can pull ring is one of the focuses of everyone's attention. When purchasing, users show different price ranges due to various factors.
1. Products with different tempers and specifications and products with different requirements correspond to different prices.

2. The price of 5182 aluminum plate for can pull ring is also related to the aluminum plate manufacturer. The strength of aluminum plate manufacturers is different, and the technical level, workmanship and manufacturing process of the products are also different. Therefore, different production costs will also affect the price of products.

3. In addition, different regions have different economic conditions and consumption levels, and the overall market price will be different.

There are many factors influencing the price of aluminum 5182 for pull ring of the can. The user should understand in detail when buying, choose the manufacturer or professional, and consider all aspects.

5182 aluminum plate

5182 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum supplies 5182 aluminum plate raw materials for cans and pull rings. As a professional aluminum plate direct selling manufacturer in Zhengzhou, Henan Mingtai Aluminum has always adhered to the concept of innovation and intelligent manufacturing. The products it has developed have been exported to many countries at home and abroad. And regions, well received by users.

For manufacturers, whether it is early consultation or later use, etc., it helps users save money and realize mutual benefit and win-win. Henan Mingtai Aluminum provides professional services for users. Professional and technical personnel design production schemes as needed, more timely delivery and distribution, so you can buy more assured!

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