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Mingtai Aluminum: the first domestic aluminum plate with foil spot trading e-mall

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-15 10:23
May 26, 2015, China's aluminum processing industry's first O2O electricity business platform - Mingtai Aluminum spot mall officially on the line (referred to as "spot mall"). Mingtai Aluminum industry as the leader of China's aluminum processing industry, has been leading the industry forward. Mingtai combined 18 years of industry experience  with a strong entity, as the support of O2O electric business , so that our customers can through the Internet more timely and convenient to buy the company's inventory products and enjoy a series of quality services. Aluminum processing as a traditional industry, if the previous information platform is the first step of the internet start; then the spot mall is the aluminum processing industry embrace the new era of the Internet.
Two Problems of Traditional Internet Model
Traditional sense of the industry Internet model, refers to combines offline business opportunities with the Internet, so that the Internet to become a trading platform for offline transactions. This has created two problems: First, many companies have released a large number of supply information, customers  can not Learn more numerous manufacturers in a short time. Second, after the customer place an order, usually need to wait about 2 weeks delivery date. Which for some urgently needed products for business customers, it is more urgent.
The advantage of spot mall O2O is obvious
Spot mall through the information management, making the company's current "one enterprise three areas" production office model for integration, to achieve one-click information sharing, complementary resources. To provide customers with free, convenient and efficient inventory of product inquiries, enhance the efficiency of the procurement business, greatly saving the user's time cost. Once the customer successfully ordered, will enjoy 24 hours within the timely delivery of fast logistics, at the same time, enjoy the brand of Mingtai after-sales protection.
Online to offline seamless connection
In the spot mall, just become a registered user, you can keep abreast of the latest product inventory quantity, price and other information. Members can pass 400 free telephone, online customer service, e-mail, WeChat, etc., communicating directly with customer service. Confirm the purchase needs, directly turn in the offline signed a contract, complete the logistics and distribution.
Relying on the brand's strong guarantee
Aluminum products as a commodity, has its own special attributes. It involves the delivery period and logistics and distribution, as well as the after-sales, warranty and other service issues. Thus, the real aluminum products O2O electricity providers, need to have a strong offline of entities to do security.
Mingtai Aluminum covers an area of 400 acres, more than 2,800 employees, the annual production capacity of 450,000 tons. Since its establishment in 1997, has always been committed to the development of aluminum processing industry innovation. Mingtai as China aluminum plate with foil industry leader,in the field of aluminum processing has a pivotal influence. Rich inventory information, brand quality assurance, all over the country's logistics services, constitute a complete Mingtai spot trading platform.
Spot Mall as the first domestic aluminum products spot electronic mall, is committed to providing consumers with "rich, free, professional," the exclusive online procurement platform, the link to tens of millions of customers nationwide, leading the domestic  aluminum processing industry procurement and development the new directions,creating a new era of development of aluminum processing industry。
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