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Henan opened Gongyi container business, Mingtai Aluminum ushered in new opportunities

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-15 14:07
Henan is the original aluminum input province, electrolytic aluminum annual processing capacity  more than 900 million tons, ranking second in the country, Gongyi City, Henan Province as a major industrial city, is one of the three major aluminum processing base in China, electrolytic aluminum annual demand more than 3 million tons. The source of electrolytic aluminum mainly from the northwest, continuously to input to Gongyi, however Gongyi aluminum processing enterprises, exporting millions of tons of aluminum products.
Unique, obvious advantages of the cluster
Aluminum industry is the Henan traditional advantage industry. Gongyi is one of the core cities of "Zhengzhou - Gongyi - Luoyang Industrial Corridor", which is the center of Henan aluminum processing industry. It has a good industrial base and plays a decisive role in the national aluminum processing field. Known as "great bright and brilliant hope". Gongyi City not only gathered dozens of professional engaged in aluminum processing enterprises, but also led the local economy's long-term prosperity and development. Mingtai Aluminum is located in  Guozhen town, Gongyi City was identified as "Henan Province, high-tech characteristics of industrial base", in July 2008, Henan Mingtai Aluminum was rewarded as "Aluminum sheet product engineering technology research center" and "Company Technology Centers of Henan".
At present, Gongyi City gathered in a large number of key enterprises, which was leading by Mingtai Aluminum , forming Gongyi City aluminum industry cluster. Not only to promote the economic development of Gongyi, and become Henan Province even China largest aluminum industrial base.
In 2012, Gongyi City Aluminum Industrial Zone to complete the enterprise operating income of 18.63 billion RMB, and have 12980 employees. More than 30 large-scale aluminum processing enterprises, more than 60 companies with machinery, packaging, logistics, warehousing and other supporting equipment, more than 70 aluminum wire and cable production enterprises.
Vigorous development, towards the high-end market
Gongyi City aluminum industry cluster is mainly concentrated in the Huiguo town. In 2012, Huiguo town of aluminum processing capacity of 1.5 million tons, accounting for more than 80% of the town's total industrial economy, is the town's pillar industries. In 2014, Mingtai Aluminum production and processing capacity of 400,000 tons, Huiguo town of aluminum processing industry occupy the top priority.
After a long period of exploration and development, at present, Mingtai Aluminum as the representative of an aluminum processing enterprises have gradually matured. In addition to the original "ordinary" aluminum plate with foil production, many companies have begun to open up the world, the development of "deep" aluminum products production and research.
Mingtai aluminum products began to extend application to high-speed trains, cars, and other areas of the rail transit use aluminum, namely into the so-called "high-end areas", as the market matures, Mingtai aluminum will take this opportunity to drive the industry gradually realize the transformation and upgrading.
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