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6061 Aluminum plate is widely used in aluminum mold

Edit:admin Date: 2018-10-19 11:00
Mingtai 6061 Aluminum plate is widely used in aluminum mold. Nowadays, many people prefer to make cakes at home, not only to eat with confidence, but also to achieve a more fulfilling sense of their own hands. At present, the mold materials on the market are generally divided into two types: one is aluminum alloy and the other is aluminum plating. The material of aluminum alloy is lighter, the heat conduction is faster, the aluminum plating is relatively heavy, and the thermal conductivity is also worse than that of aluminum alloy.
6061 Aluminum plate for mold
Therefore, the anodized aluminum alloy mold is preferably not only has no coating, is harmless to the body, and is inexpensive.
Aluminum alloy molds on the market generally use 6061 aluminum sheets. The 6061 aluminum sheet is medium strength, durable and not as heavy as porcelain and easily broken. Moreover, the oxidation effect is good, and the surface of the aluminum mold forms a dense aluminum oxide, which is not easily corroded.
Mingtai 6061 Aluminum plate is widely used in aluminum mold with high quality and lower price.
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