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The commonly used temper of 6061 aluminum plate

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The commonly used temper of 6061 aluminum plate

6061 aluminum plate is one of the widely used aluminum plate alloys. It is of medium strength. With its own series of advantages such as good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, and good oxidation resistance, it is deeply loved by customers. At present, 6061 aluminum plate is widely used in precision processing, mold manufacturing, automated mechanical parts, automotive chassis, ship parts and other fields. For different occasions, the product performance requirements are different, which requires the use of 6061 aluminum plates of different tempers.

6061 aluminum plate T6, F, O three temper

1. T6 temper. T6 stands for heat treatment temper, which is the most used of 6061 aluminum alloy. This temper is quenched by medium plate-medium plate slice-stretching machine-aging treatment-sawing machine-polishing-packaging. The entire production cycle is about 10 days. After solution heat treatment, cold working is not required, and straightening and leveling can be performed, but the mechanical properties are not affected.

2. F temper. F stands for free machining temper, and is suitable for special products during work hardening and heat treatment during the forming process. F temper production cycle is very short: plate cutting-sawing machine-polishing (or not polishing, according to customer requirements)-packaging, the whole process is arranged smoothly and can be shipped within 3 days, F temper mechanical properties do not make specifications, customers can F temper is then heat treated to produce the desired temper. The corresponding price is also the cheapest.

3. O temper. O temper refers to the processed product with the lowest strength obtained by complete annealing. It is suitable for sheets of 6061 aluminum alloy below 8.0. Its production process: cold rolled finished product thickness—draw and bend correction—complete annealing—fly shear (or bend Finished products)-a series of production such as packaging and storage, the production cycle is second only to T6 temper.

6061 aluminum plate

6061 aluminum plate price

For different tempers, due to different production difficulties and production cycles, the performance of the product is different, and the price is not the same. To understand the price of 6061 aluminum plate, you need to provide the temperature and specifications of the required product, and contact customer service to make a quotation.

6061 aluminum plate manufacturer

6061 aluminum plate has a wide range of uses and a large market demand. At present, there are not many manufacturers that can produce the aluminum plate. For customers who are not quite sure about the aluminum sheet market, how to choose becomes a problem. Here we recommend you Henan Mingtai Aluminum.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum has been focusing on the aluminum processing industry for 22 years. It has a 1.3 million standardized industrial plant, imported six-high cold rolling mill equipment, purchased aluminum ingot raw materials from large manufacturers, implemented a 6a management system in production, and provided white / glossy 6061 Aluminum plate, no milling required, global distribution.

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