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Malaysia 6061 mold aluminum plate manufacturer

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6061 aluminum plate has many applications

6061 aluminum plate is one of the more commonly used products in 6 series Al-Mg-Si alloy. 6061 aluminum plate has a wide range of uses and involves many fields, including construction, decoration, packaging, molds, precision processing, electronics, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, etc. It is also a commonly used mold and precision machining aluminum, which is widely used in industry. Here mainly introduces 6061 mold aluminum plate.

6061 mold aluminum plate performance

6061 mold aluminum plate has excellent characteristics such as very good processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, easy color film, and excellent oxidation effect. 6000 series aluminum alloy represents 6061 aluminum plate mainly contains two elements of magnesium and silicon, so the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series are concentrated. 6061 mold aluminum plate is a cold-treated aluminum forged product, which is suitable for applications with high requirements on corrosion resistance and oxidation. Good workability, easy coating and good processability.

6061 mold aluminum plate is a medium-strength aluminum alloy. Adding a small amount of copper or zinc to it can increase the strength of the alloy while ensuring its corrosion resistance. In conductive materials, a small amount of copper can offset the adverse effects of titanium and iron on conductivity. The 6061 mold aluminum plate has excellent weldability and no stress cracking tendency. Among heat-strengthable alloys, the 6 series alloy is one of the alloys that does not have stress corrosion cracking.

Advantages of Mingtai 6061 mold aluminum plate

1. 6061 mold aluminum plate specifications can be customized according to customer needs

2. High-quality raw materials purchased from large state-owned enterprises such as Chinalco for a long time.

3. Accurate thickness tolerance reduces material waste.

6061 mold aluminum plate

4. Excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, durable.

5. Good processability, no deformation after high-speed processing.

6. The surface of 6061 mold aluminum plate is polished, which is very shiny and beautiful.

7. Uniform material, unique grain refining process, no horizontal stripes, bubbles, impurities.

6061 mold aluminum plate price

The factors affecting the price of 6061 mold aluminum plate are mainly determined by two aspects, the price of raw material aluminum ingots and processing costs. The price of aluminum ingot refers to the average closing price of Yangtze River spot A00 aluminum ingot on the day of delivery. It is published online and can be found. Another factor is the processing cost, which is an uncertain factor, because different series of alloy products are difficult to process and the processing technology is not the same, so the quote from aluminum plate manufacturers is not static.

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