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China 6082 aluminium plate manufacturer price per ton

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Characteristics of aluminium plate manufacturer 6082 aluminum alloy
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduced that aluminum 6082 belongs to 6××× series (al-mg-si) alloy. It is a heat-resistant and reinforced aluminum alloy plate with medium strength and good welding performance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for transportation and structural engineering industry. Such as bridges, cranes, roof structures, transport planes, transport ships, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, reducing the weight of the hull, increasing the speed of the ship, and seeking aluminum alloy materials instead of steel parts have become an important issue for the aluminum processing industry and the shipbuilding industry. The aluminium plate manufacturer 6082 aluminum alloy has medium strength and good corrosion resistance and light weight, and is an ideal material for manufacturing high-speed ship parts.
Chemical composition of aluminium plate manufacturer 6082 aluminium plate
Silicon si: 0.7-1.3; iron fe: 0.5; copper cu: 0.10; manganese mn: 0.4-1.0;
Magnesium mg: 0.6-1.2; chromium cr: 0.25; zinc zn: 0.20; titanium ti: 0.10; aluminum al: Balance.
Mechanical properties of aluminium plate manufacturer 6082 aluminium plate
Tensile strength σb (mpa): Greater than or equal to 205
Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (mpa): Greater than or equal to 110
Elongation 10 (%): Greater than or equal to 14
Aluminium plate manufacturer 6082 aluminum alloy use: aircraft parts, camera lenses, industrial molds, etc.

Aluminium plate manufacturer 6082 aluminium plate performance advantages
1. Good formability, weldability, machinability and corrosion resistance;
2. It has medium strength and can maintain good operability after annealing;
3, very good anode reaction performance, the most commonly used anode reaction methods include removal of impurities and dyeing, coating, etc.;
4. 6082-o/h24 alloy aluminium plate is suitable for bending and forming.
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