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Mingtai Aluminum: standard equipment management, improve work efficiency

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-15 15:17
With the modern industrial production conditions, the machinery equipment is the important material and technical basis of enterprises organization production , but also constitute one of the important factors of productivity. As the main production activities of the enterprise is man-machine equipment, the equipment is directly completed, so the variety, quantity, quality, consumption and cost of the product depend on the technical condition of the equipment to a great extent. At the same time, due to the increasing size, precision, automation, and machinery and equipment-related costs of the machinery and equipment, such as depreciation, maintenance and maintenance costs, the proportion of product costs continue to increase. Therefore, the management of equipment has an important role in improving the production and operation of enterprises.
Equipment management is an important part of industrial enterprise management. Strengthen the equipment management, reasonable choice of equipment, the proper use of equipment, careful maintenance, maintenance equipment, making equipment in good condition, in order to ensure the normal production of the enterprise. Recently, Mingtai Aluminum increase the management efforts in the standardized management equipment, efforts to enhance the efficiency.
Mingtai Aluminum since its inception in 1997, after more than 10 years of rolling development, has now become the largest private aluminum processing listed companies. In order to better meet the needs of market development, Mingtai Aluminum leaders have far-sighted and strategizing, and actively explore new products, into the automotive industry, weapons and equipment, rail transportation equipment and shipbuilding and other high-end product market areas, achieving the successful transformation of the company.
Mingtai Aluminum production and equipment department under the leadership of Sun Minister, based on the company's long-term development, from equipment installation and commissioning, inspection and inspection, routine maintenance and many other aspects to strengthen the equipment supervision and management efforts to ensure that the production equipment safely operation.
The continuous and effective implementation of the equipment inspection and evaluation system has greatly promoted the improvement of the internal equipment management of Mingtai Aluminum, standardized the daily work of the equipment personnel, improved the work efficiency and more effective guarantee of the equipment safely operation, achieved a solid foundation for the production and quality objectives.
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