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The common surface treatment methods of aluminum sheet

Edit:admin Date: 2017-12-26 16:18
Aluminum alloy after surface treatment can improve the material’s performance of corrosion resistance, decorative and functional properties of the three specific methods to be familiar with, to correct operation, common aluminum surface treatment methods are the following:
1, metal plating method: more common, at the same time polished after the plating process.
2, oxidation (color): aluminum surface treatment Oxidation uses two aspects, enhance the physical properties, can achieve the purpose of color.
3, Scratch: there is called brushed, the performance is similar to the car, are smooth surface formation of continuous lines, the difference is that the car showed a circular pattern of lines, grazing performance for the line of flowers.

4, sandblasting: The purpose of aluminum surface treatment is to overcome and cover up the aluminum alloy in the machining process to produce some of the shortcomings and to meet the customer's product appearance some special requirements. There are glass sand, tungsten sand, etc., showing a different feeling, similar to coarse rough texture of glass, fine sand can also show the high-end products.
5, Polishing: To overcome the defects to deburring and make the surface bright.
6, car pattern: aluminum surface treatment is processed again after molding processing, the use of lathe processing out of the lines, the overall performance of the extremely regular texture features.
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