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Mingtai Aluminum Exploration Packaging Aluminum Foil Market Development

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-20 13:50
Aluminum foil refers to a metal aluminum directly pressed into a sheet of hot stamping materials. As the aluminum texture is soft, good ductility, with silver-white luster, if the calendared sheet is pressed, with sodium silicate and other substances mounted on the offset paper made of aluminum foil, can also be printed. At present, aluminum foil in China's packaging, food, medicine and other aspects are widely used, aluminum foil demand is increasing year by year, especially in China's huge market, the demand of aluminum foil will continue to increase.

In recent years, due to consumption upgrades, aluminum foil consumption is being poured into the packaging and transportation areas. In the aluminum foil packaging, the growth of high-grade packaging aluminum foil is particularly evident. For example, the new demand for food packaging aluminum foil is about 20%, drug packaging foil is about 30%.
However, compared to developed countries, China's packaging aluminum foil in the proportion of consumption of aluminum foil is only 17%, while the United States is as high as 75%, therefore, China's aluminum foil consumption is still in a very lagging stage, according to the current statistics, in the future, aluminum foil annual growth rate will remain at 17%, high-end packaging aluminum foil development space is huge.
The traditional canning enterprises are mostly large multinational companies, generally have a strong monopoly barriers, with the continuous development of aluminum foil enterprises, a number of enterprises have taken the characteristics of products for professional fine production mode, making a place in the aluminum foil manufacturing. Mingtai Aluminum after several years of development, a number of production lines go hand in hand, in the application industry has formed a clear market structure, stable market share, the leading technical strength has become an important cornerstone of the Mingtai Aluminum.
Mingtai Aluminum is a leader in the domestic aluminum plate with foil business, and its aluminum foil products are used in various fields including tobacco packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, beer labeling and daily packaging. Especially in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging, under the influence of the pharmaceutical and food industry rapid development, aluminum foil products also showed a significant growth. It is expected that the total demand for aluminum foil for both types of foods and medicines will still maintain a high growth rate of 20%, and it will also bring another opportunity for Mingtai Aluminum and other aluminum foil manufacturers.
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