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Reasons for aluminum alloy coil oxide film unevenness

Edit:admin Date: 2018-01-23 17:08
Everyone know that there is an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum alloy coil to protect it. But sometimes we find that the oxide film will appear uneven color. So what is going on? The aluminum alloy manufacturers - Mingtai Aluminum here tell you about the problem of aluminum alloy oxide film uneven and prevention.

Problem: swing work area in the socket is too large, and then the color of the oxide film generated inconsistent.
Prevention method: oxidation workpiece rotation fluctuation is small, you can quietly deal with, but when the solution temperature is too low prone to map-like flower spot, does not seem natural.
Problem: the alloy aluminum coil coating is damaged when the part is cut off, the outer wear high-quality aluminum alloy, the inner layer is miscellaneous aluminum, due to the difference between the larger, so the oxidation will produce "vitiligo" -like spots.
Prevention method: strict control of materials, reduce or eliminate miscellaneous aluminum.
Problem: process operations in the workpiece alkaline etching incomplete, the original part of the oxide film, dirt can not be divisible; alkaline etching light immediately after disposal, the surface is still alkaline; in the transfer process of the workpiece contact with foreign body.
Prevention method: strict guarantee in the production process of aluminum alloy coil integrity, in order to produce better products.
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