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Advantages of alumina plate

Edit:admin Date: 2018-01-25 10:58
As the name implies, the alumina plate is the aluminum plate after oxidation treatment. and the oxidation is a chemical reaction between the oxygen element and other material elements. After the oxidation process aluminum plate surface will form a dense oxide film, the oxide film is effective in preventing corrosion of aluminum. With the improvement of alumina plate production technology, product quality stability, increased production capacity, prompting his application is also growing. So, what are advantages of alumina plate?
1, good processability: positive alumina board decorative strong, moderate hardness, easy bending, continuous high-speed stamping, easy to directly processed into products, without the need for complex surface treatment, greatly reducing the production cycle and Reduce product cost of production.

2, good weatherability: the standard thickness of the oxide film (3μm) anodized aluminum plate indoors long-term use does not change color, no corrosion, no oxidation, no rust. Anodized aluminum sheets with thick oxide film (10μm) can be used outdoors and can be permanently exposed to sunlight without discoloration.
3, strong metal sense: the anodized aluminum surface hardness, up to gem grade, good scratch resistance, the surface without paint coverage, retain the aluminum metal color, highlighting the modern sense of metal, improve product quality and added value.
4, high fire resistance: pure metal products, no paint and any chemical substances on the surface, 600 degrees high temperature does not burn, does not produce toxic gases, in line with fire environmental requirements.
5, strong anti-fouling: no fingerprints left, there will be no traces of stains, easy to clean, does not produce corrosion spots.
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