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The excellent performance and huge advantage of automotive aluminum plate

Edit:admin Date: 2018-02-05 16:03
Aluminum alloy’s using in cars has significant effect of energy-saving and weight loss, and it is also in line with the development trend of safety and environmental protection and automotive timber, with significant economic and social benefits. As the weight of a car body plays a decisive role in the whole car, developing a high-performance and unique car body plate is an important part of the process of car lightweighting in our country.
aluminum plate
3 series alloy formability is better, but according to the different requirements of the body making is not the same, 3 series of materials 3003, 3004 can be used for heat shield production, are O state. At the beginning of the car when the aluminum steel.5052 automotive aluminum plate, 5754
 automotive aluminum plate, 5182 automotive aluminum plate, 5083 automotive aluminum plate, 5754 automotive aluminum plate, 5182 automotive aluminum plate, 5083 automotive aluminum plate are generally used to make the car components, such as car lifting frame, or brake winch (pedal ), Or some of the engine heat shield, the engine hood, including the fender (car hood and car side fender), the general use of 5182 or 6 series, so 5052,5 Department of the role of the car is a reinforcement, a support, a protection, including the protection of the car at the bottom, because the car has a lot of lines at the bottom of the coolant, the wire outside the chassis, not being protected, no early tube, the late because Poor road conditions plus the end of the protection plate, the general is 5083 or 5182 material is stamped into a protective plate, under the wagon is irregular, but also with the O state, with relatively thick materials, such as 1.2,1.25,2.0, Press after the end of the press, when the collision of pebbles, can effectively avoid the impact on the car.
For the aluminum alloy sheet stamping performance is not high on the one hand through material science research to optimize the proportion of all the alloy elements, through a reasonable ratio between the elements and the interaction to improve the overall performance of the alloy, a aspects can improve processes such as heat treatment and rolling process to improve the stamping ability of aluminum alloy sheet.
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