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Aluminum alloy is the most cost-effective material for automotive lightweight

Edit:admin Date: 2018-02-12 10:27
At present, high-strength steel still occupies a large proportion of automotive parts and components, but we are here to discuss more of its thermoforming process, and the recent market focus on the thermoforming process has also improved. In fact, the thermoforming process has a long history, its advantages are: ultra-high strength, can reduce body weight, can improve body safety, improve stamping formability, control rebound, improve part dimensional accuracy, reduce the press tonnage required for stamping Requirements, improve weldability, corrosion resistance, etc., in China's development for more than 15 years, this process has been relatively mature.
Aluminum alloy is the current mainstream, Die Casting accounted for the vast majority:

Aluminum alloy lightweight materials as a vehicle with significant weight loss, absorption of the impact of strong, easy to recycle, the advantages of high assembly efficiency. Automotive aluminum alloy mainly includes rolled, extruded, die-cast aluminum, forging material, etc., in accordance with the current use of various types of aluminum alloy in the car, the ratio is about: 77% of aluminum die-casting, rolling 10%, squeeze Press 10%, forging material 3%, Die Casting accounted for the vast majority.
Large-scale aluminum market, aluminum thermoforming to be market test:
According to research information, in general, aluminum alloy parts companies will adopt the "material fee + processing fee" product sales pricing principles and customer orders to organize the production model. Calculated to 2020, is expected to automotive aluminum market in 200 billion yuan. It should be noted that in the field of new energy vehicles, the use of aluminum alloy is also very extensive. 
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