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Mingtai Aluminum tells you precautions of aluminum plate processing

Edit:admin Date: 2018-02-23 16:31
Aluminum plate refers to the aluminum plate material with the thickness of 0.2 to 500mm, the width of over 200mm and the length of within 16m. Aluminum processing should pay attention to the following items:
1, the choice of plate: As the aluminum hardness, bending easy to fracture, so the raw material must choose a good aluminum, mainly to see the aluminum grades and status; According to the drawings choose aluminum grades, generally 1 series, 3 series, 5 series are more commonly used.

2, transportation and processing of the protection: According to the specific requirements of raw materials, single-sided (glossy) or double-sided paste protective film to avoid damage to the transport or processing parts surface, while the processing requirements of parts strictly placed in the specified location neatly, Gently.
3, blanking parts surface: blanking parts, punching processing, in the material, punching should be adjusted before and after the knife mold gap, relatively ordinary cold-rolled plate opening, the gap should be reduced accordingly, so as to avoid red Notched burr is too large.
4, bending: to meet the product conditions, try to increase the bending angle, to reduce damage to the internal group knowledge; bending direction with the aluminum lines perpendicular to the direction cannot be parallel, if one side of the flange cannot be avoided, choose short Edge fold and plate lines parallel.
5, welding: According to the thickness of the plate, the material properties of the wire and the corresponding choice of welding type, adjust the corresponding voltage range, current range, pressure range.
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