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Mingtai tells you how to choose high quality anti-slip aluminum plate

Edit:admin Date: 2018-03-21 11:03
The application of aluminum checker plate is very extensive. It is commonly used in skid plates for cold storage, carriages, and ship bilges. It does not require hollowing or weight bearing, so high-thickness, high-hardness non-slip aluminum plates are not required. So how can we quickly find a suitable non-slip aluminum plate? Mingtai Aluminum helps you solve this problem.
1, materials. Aluminum alloy skid plate used in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should meet the relevant national standards, wall thickness should be more than 1.2 mm, tensile strength of 157 newtons per square meter mm. The yield strength must reach 108 newtons per square millimeter and the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 micrometers. If it fails to meet the above criteria, it is a poor quality product and cannot be used.
aluminum checker plate
2, processing. High quality anti-slip aluminum plate has good processing, exquisite installation, good sealing performance. Inferior non-slip tread pattern plates, blind selection of aluminum profiles and specifications, rough machining, and saw cutting instead of milling, are not used as required, poor sealing performance, and unstable quality, adding to hidden dangers.
3, price. Under normal circumstances, aluminum alloy skid plate due to high production costs, the price is about 30% higher than the inferior aluminum alloy skid plate. At present the processing of aluminum alloy skid plate more self-employed, they do not know the structural characteristics and performance of aluminum checker plate. In order to reduce the cost of cutting corners, shoddy, the hidden dangers of the product is generally not suitable to use. Select the formal aluminum alloy anti-skid plate manufacturer's products.
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