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Analysis on the Production Technology of Coated Aluminum Coil

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-18 10:42
Coated aluminum coil is one of the important products of aluminum processing industry. Aluminum production includes aluminum substrate degreasing, chemical pretreatment and coating process. The typical coating line system requires the product to be formable, pleasing in appearance, good weather resistance, and the likeability.
For color aluminum products, the most critical process is the color of aluminum coating process level. In the actual production, roll coating process is currently the most effective method of coating organic protective coating. Roll coating process is a continuous highly automated program, the production of products compared with the post-coating method, with better consistency.
Mingtai Aluminum industry as a leader in the domestic aluminum processing industry, in the production of roll coated volumes accumulated a wealth of experience. In a number of the roll coating process areas, strengthen control and ensure superior performance of color aluminum.
First of all, in the entrance section, the raw material aluminum roll is sent to the production line, the leveling machine for leveling, ensuring that the product has excellent flatness. The aluminum roll enters the storage rack, there are two reels used to ensure that one of them is always in the standby state, to maintain the continuity of the production line. Then, the storage rack cleared, the production line continued to run, to promote the follow-up procedures. In the pretreatment, the aluminum roll through the water spray repeated cleaning, can enhance the product's anti-corrosion properties and improve the adhesion of the paint. At this stage, the conversion film is chemically formed on the aluminum surface. Finally is the coating process. The coating process is divided into two stages, namely, primer and pastry. In the first stage, the aluminum roll passes through a roll coater, which is coated on a single or double side with a primer. After drying, the aluminum roll passes through the second roll coater, where the aluminum roll is coated on one side or both sides. Basically there are two kinds of painting methods. Typical coating system requirements of the product can be formability, scratch, beautiful appearance, good weather resistance, coating and so on. To achieve these different performance characteristics, the coatings include: acrylic resin primer, polyester, polyurethane or fluorocarbon. For curing, the aluminum strip passes through the curing furnace, the temperature is set at the preset temperature, ensuring that the volatiles on the aluminum belt are removed and the paint is completely cured. Depending on the system requirements, the curing temperature is typically set between 200 and 300 Degrees Celsius. The protective film of the product is customized according to the customer's needs. The protective film is accompanied by regular additional information such as paint and brand details. These protective films do not affect the environment and are easy to recycle.
Mingtai Aluminum Roll Coated Aluminum Coil is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the production process, the quality of color aluminum is reliable and superior performance, occupy the market share year after year, won the praise of many customers.
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