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Mingtai Aluminum usher in the new development of automotive aluminum

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-20 13:53
Under the influence of the domestic government actively promote sustainable development and the introduction of relevant polices, more and more car manufacturers hope that through the production of lightweight vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the Chinese auto market growing demand for high-quality automotive aluminum products. According to the relevant statistics, the next decade, the global market demand for automotive aluminum will be a substantial increase in annual growth rate will reach 30%.
As one of the few domestic auto aluminum production enterprises, Henan Mingtai Aluminum in the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition in 2015, showed its "1 +1" production line production of wide board, thick plate, medium thick plate, etc., the new capacity of 200,000 tons each year, these products can be used in automotive fuel tank, body with aluminum, etc., will help aluminum to solve large-scale applications and the development of lightweight cars, and can help car manufacturers not only Improve vehicle performance but also achieve cost-effectiveness.
China's automobile manufacturing industry is experiencing a lightweight environmental transformation. As a leading domestic aluminum supplier, Mingtai Aluminum has always been committed to promoting the development and innovation of aluminum plate with foil products in China, to explore the emerging field of automotive aluminum, to enhance the technological level of enterprises and innovative ability to lead the domestic aluminum production enterprises to gradually upgrade transformation.
With superior technical strength and cutting-edge research and innovation, Mingtai Aluminum actively explore the automotive industry development and application of steam aluminum plate. At present, Henan Mingtai Aluminum aluminum products have been widely used in a variety of body parts production, the display of ultra-wide thick aluminum and other new products, will become the automotive body and body with aluminum, to the high-end manufacturing in the automotive manufacturing.
With the development of lightweight, the high-end products of Mingtai Aluminum will usher in a broader develop, Mingtai Aluminum will also play the leader role of aluminum industry, play a positive demonstration effect in the domestic aluminum processing industry transformation and upgrading.
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