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Mingtai Aluminum Exploring the Performance Characteristics of 7000 Series Alloy

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-18 16:53
7000 Series aluminum plate is the high-end products aluminum in processing industry, 7000 Series aluminum plate is mainly contains zinc, belonging to the aviation series, is aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy. It is super-hard aluminum alloy, can be heat treatment and good wear resistance. 7000 Series alloy are mainly used for aircraft materials, in recent years, the alloy are also used to produce ski poles, golf clubs and other sporting goods.

The representative alloy is 7005 alloy, 7020 alloy and 7075 alloy, here are the following three characteristics:
Firstly, the physical properties are better, compared with the 5083 alloy, easy to manufacture, good corrosion resistance and performance, the use of age hardening can be high strength; such as 7075 alloy heat treatment, mainly use T651, this treatment can make the residual stress after T6 treatment, by stretching the correction to homogenization, to prevent the workpiece distortion when processing. If use T73, will reduce the mechanical properties, but there is the effect of reducing the stress corrosion tendency;
Secondly, even if the natural aging, 7000 Series alloy can achieve a very high strength, low sensitivity to the crack;
Thirdly, the heat affected part of the welding, due to heating was dissolved, so after the natural aging, you can restore the strength, thereby enhancing the strength of the weld seam. Such alloys are widely used in the manufacture of welded components.
Because 7000 Series alloy requirements of high strength, corrosion resistance, and now basically rely on import, China's production process has yet to be improved.
Mingtai Aluminum as a leader in the domestic aluminum processing industry, since it was established in 1997, professional commitment to the production and sales of aluminum plate with foil, has accumulated rich experience in the industry. In the future, Mingtai Aluminum will continue to expand in depth, in-depth reform, and actively explore the transformation and upgrading of aluminum processing industry.
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