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Application range of aluminum plate and ultra-wide aluminum plate

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-05-17 13:50
Aluminum panels are widely used in lighting decoration, interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliance panels, electronic product enclosures, furniture kitchens, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, signs, bags, jewelry boxes and other fields.
High-grade aluminum panels can be used in automotive parts including: signs and buttons and other interior and exterior decoration. According to the different needs of these products, the most appropriate process can be selected to meet the high standard requirements of physical and decorative effects of automotive decorative parts, and greatly reduce the cost of decoration. Metal elements play a role in the interior and exterior decoration of automobiles. A crucial point. Its superior metal texture can make the interior of modern cars look more upscale and classic.
Wide aluminum plate is a very common product in the aluminum plate market, and it is also one of the products with very large market demand. Why is the wide aluminum plate popular in the market and the market situation of the wide aluminum plate? Now we carry out detailed analysis and interpretation.
Wide aluminum plate is widely used in aerospace, mold, instrumentation, construction, and can also be applied to power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants for anti-corrosion insulation. Due to the excellent characteristics and wide use of wide aluminum plates, Mingtai and other large domestic aluminum processing enterprises are also investing in technology research and development. At the same time, the processing enterprises have introduced advanced production equipment and new six-roll mills to continuously improve the production process. Therefore, the quality and performance of the wide aluminum sheets are also constantly improving. For example, the 5 series and 6 series ultra-wide aluminum plate products produced by Mingtai Aluminum and Southwest Aluminum are winning by quality and the performance is better than the market average.
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