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The performance and use of aluminum tread plate Mingtai Aluminum

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Aluminum tread plates are a metal that is second only to steel production, but aluminum has been used as a packaging material for only a few decades. In recent years, aluminum has been used more and more in packaging because of its excellent performance. It has a low density of only 1/3 of steel and is light in weight; it has excellent processability and is easy to be stamped into various complicated shapes; it has strong corrosion resistance and does not rust; barrier property, light blocking property and fragrance retention property. Excellent, can effectively protect the product; high thermal conductivity, easy to sterilize aluminum cans; silver white, beautiful color, high reflectivity to light, easy to print, good printing effect; non-toxic and tasteless, not due to aluminum The ions escape and bring odor to the food inside; the waste aluminum container can be recycled and remelted without environmental pollution. Its main disadvantages are: soft material, low strength, easy to deform when impacted; poor welding performance, joints can not be welded; corrosion resistance to acid and alkali is poor, not suitable for fruit food; higher cost.
Aluminum tread plate packaging materials mainly include pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate and aluminum foil.
Aluminum tread plate and alloy aluminum plate pattern aluminum plate
The aluminum tread plate contains more than 99.9% aluminum and the thickness is generally between 0.25 and 0.3 mm. It is soft and low in strength, so it is less used as a packaging material, but it is also used as a wine container.
The alloy aluminum plate is processed by adding a small amount of an alloy of magnesium, manganese and copper to aluminum. The aluminum alloy commonly used in packaging is aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy, also known as rust-proof aluminum alloy. The strength and hardness of the alloy aluminum plate are obviously improved, the corrosion resistance is strong, the polishing property is good, and the long-term preservation appearance remains bright.
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