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Chocolate packaging - 8011 aluminum foil for packaging

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-07-18 13:49
8011 aluminum foil for packaging
In our traditional perception, food is generally packaged in foil, but now it is replaced with 8011 aluminum foil. Because most of the aluminum foils nowadays are manufactured using vacuum coating technology, they are low in cost and stable in chemical properties. Most of the foil paper is made by mechanical calendering, and the price is higher, and it is far less widely used than aluminum foil. In addition, when packaging food with 8011 aluminum foil, it can seal, moisture, protect from light and heat insulation.
We all know that chocolate is best to open the bag and eat it. If you want to save it, it is best to keep it at 12-18 degrees, avoiding light, water and odor. Even though chocolate is a non-corruptible food, when the temperature reaches 20 degrees, the cocoa butter melts and separates. When it is frozen again, it will condense a white creamy substance on the surface, which is neither aesthetic nor taste. Therefore, the chocolate is best wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in a freezer.
Mingtai has a strong production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 650,000 tons of aluminum foil and foil, which is a long-term supply for many domestic and foreign companies. Its 8011 aluminum foil is mainly used for food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. Machinable range thickness: 0.02mm-0.07mm, width: 300mm-1100mm, can be customized according to customer needs. The 8011 aluminum foil for packaging produced by Mingtai has the following four performance advantages:
1, 8011 aluminum foil for packaging clean, uniform color, no spots, smooth without pinholes.
2, 8011 aluminum foil for packaging is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic.
3, 8011 aluminum foil for packaging has excellent moisture resistance and high barrier ability, can be shaded.
4, 8011 aluminum foil for packaging mechanical properties, high resistance to blasting, anti-puncture and tear resistance.
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