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Excellent China 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer

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8011 aluminum foil can be divided into: hard foil (H18 state), semi-hard foil (H14/H24 state) and soft foil (O state).
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer hard foil: aluminum foil that has not been softened (annealed) after rolling, the surface is ruined without degreasing. Therefore, the hard foil must be degreased before printing, lamination, coating, and can be used directly if it is used for forming.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer semi-hard foil: aluminum foil hardness (or strength) between the hard foil and the soft foil, usually used for forming.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer soft foil: aluminum foil that has been fully annealed and softened after rolling. The material is soft and has no residual oil on the surface. At present, most applications, such as packaging, composites, electrical materials, etc., use soft foil, one-quarter hard foil and three-quarter hard foil.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturers
Aluminum foil: thickness 0.015mm-0.2mm, width 15mm-1000mm
The common state is: H18.H16.H22.H24.H0
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer application
1.Household foil 1060, 8011- 0 state, thickness 0.015-0.02mm,
2.Food soft packaging foil
3.Fin stock: 8011
4.Electronic foil
5.PP cap

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