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8011 aluminum foil supplier introduces its main application

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8011 aluminum foil supplier -8011 aluminum foil is mainly foil
8011 aluminum foil belongs to the 8 series alloy aluminum foil, which is an aluminum plate product with other alloying elements added. Due to the added alloying elements, its performance is better than that of pure aluminum foil. It is widely used in aluminum foil, and aluminum sheet is not commonly used.
8011 aluminum foil supplier-8 series aluminum foil
The main models of 8 series aluminum foil include 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil, which are commonly used as 8011 aluminum foil, belonging to other series. Aluminum foil, which is usually used as a cap, is also used in heat sinks, and most applications are aluminum foil. 8011 aluminum foil is added with Al-Fe-Si element, and its alloy properties have higher advantages in more than 1% of the total alloying elements.
8011 aluminum foil supplier-8011 aluminum foil application
8011 aluminum foil is used in the manufacture of aluminum caps, food, pharmaceutical packaging and radiators. For example, the 8011 aluminum foil supplier Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces 8011 aluminum foil on pharmaceutical packaging, mainly used for some vacuum-packed solid medicines, medicine stickers and capsules; in food packaging, due to its unique properties, It is not easy to oxidize to produce chemical reactions, so it is the best raw material for lunch boxes and beverage bottles.
8011 aluminum foil supplier 8011 aluminum foil produced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a clean surface, uniform color, no spots, and no pinholes. At the same time, it also has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability, strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance and strong puncture and tear resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. The aluminum foil after compounding, printing and coating is widely used as a packaging material.
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