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Large scale aluminum foil manufacturer in China

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Aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil:
Aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil is a high-quality material, it has waterproof, oil-proof, light-proof, heat-conducting, heat preservation and other effects, can be recycled, and environmentally friendly. Due to its unique comprehensive properties, it is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, aviation, electronics, machinery, construction and decoration.
Aluminum foil manufacturers' aluminum foils are widely used in food cooking, refrigeration, packaging, storage, etc. due to their unique and excellent characteristics. Because of their ease of handling and recycling, they are widely welcomed by the catering industry and the general public.
The main characteristics and advantages of aluminum foil manufacturers aluminum foil
1. Aluminum foil manufacturer's aluminum foil is resistant to high temperatures, does not affect food characteristics, and retains food nutrients.
2. Aluminum foil manufacturers can wrap food without further sealing
3. Aluminum foil manufacturers aluminum foil will not affect the taste and smell of food
4. High temperature production, no bacterial growth
5. Grease, oil, water, and other liquids do not absorb
6. Easy to recycle
7. Environmental protection
Mingtai Aluminum, a large aluminum foil manufacturer, mainly has pharma aluminum foil, container aluminum foil, battery aluminum foil, tape aluminum foil and so on. According to different fields of use, the models are 8011, 3003, 1235, 1050, etc., and the status is O, H18, H22, H24, etc. The main specifications are 100-1600 mm wide and 15-200 μm thick.
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