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Aluminum foil manufacturer-aluminum foil insulation feature

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-08-30 10:14
Aluminum is a good conductor.
Aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil is a good thermal insulation material, and its thermal insulation performance can be expressed in the thermal radiation properties of its surface. According to the aluminum foil manufacturer, aluminum is a metal with extremely poor temperature radiation performance and strong reflection ability to sunlight. The aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil has a very low absorption and emissivity for radiant energy. Since the emissivity and the absorption rate of the aluminum foil are very similar, the aluminum foil is regarded as a gray body in the thermal calculation.
For aluminum foil manufacturer, the emissivity of aluminum foil depends only on its surface state. Regardless of the thickness, the emissivity of aluminum foils with different surface states varies greatly. When the surface state changes from rough to smooth, the emissivity changes from 0.3 to 0.08.
The maximum temperature allowed for the aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil surface is 35090. At higher temperatures, its surface will turn black and lose its thermal insulation properties.
The aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil has a particularly low emissivity for thermal radiant energy and therefore has good thermal insulation properties. The emissivity of aluminum foil manufacturer has little relationship with the thickness, which depends mainly on the flatness of the surface. The emissivity is generally 5% to 20%. Therefore, the absorption of radiant energy by aluminum foil is very small, and it can make 80%-95%. The radiant heat is reflected back. Aluminum foil manufacturer have also found that aluminum foil is a good thermal insulation material.
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