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The standard for aluminium plate manufacturerr 1060 aluminum plate

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-09-24 16:28
What is the national standard for aluminium plate manufacturer -1060 aluminium plate?
1060 aluminium plate is not a special alloy, the production process is not difficult, so many aluminium plate manufacturer can produce, but must choose the aluminium plate manufacturer produced in accordance with national standards.
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduce 1060 aluminium plate
The 1060 aluminium plate is a pure aluminium plate alloy with an aluminium content of 99.6%. The 1060 aluminium plate is mainly a national standard aluminium plate. Many people do not know about the 1060 aluminium plate standard. Today, the aluminium plate manufacturer takes everyone to understand the national standard of the 1060 aluminium plate.
Aluminium plate manufacturer -1060 aluminium plate national standard
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduction, 1060 aluminium plate national standard GBT-3880 is a detailed standardization specification for general industrial aluminium and aluminium alloy aluminium plate, aluminium plate strip, aluminium plate surface requirements and various experimental methods, inspection specifications and signs, packaging, transportation, Detailed requirements for storage and so on. There are even quality certificates for aluminium plate manufacturer, order forms, details of contracts, etc., which have strict and detailed requirements. The aluminium plate manufacturer found that the general industrial aluminium and aluminium alloy aluminium plate, aluminium plate, alloy aluminium plate, pure aluminium plate, sheet, strip, coil have detailed and clear detection.
Thickness, condition and size requirements of aluminium plate manufacturer -1060 aluminium plate
The aluminium alloy plate, aluminium strip and other alloy series of aluminium plate manufacturer must specify the exact combination of the aluminium and aluminium plates corresponding to the plate and strip, and correct it multiple times. Including 1060 aluminium plate thickness, 1060 aluminium plate state, 1060 aluminium plate alloy category, these three categories must be detailed standard names, and can not be wrong. The length of the 1060 aluminium plate corresponding to the thickness and the width of the 1060 aluminium plate must comply with national standards. High-precision classification and general-level classification.
Aluminium plate manufacturer -1060 aluminium plate contract
In addition, the aluminium plate manufacturer also introduced that the contract signing requires detailed, error-free and accurate marking of the alloy grade of the required materials, the alloy state, the aluminium plate of the aluminium plate manufacturer 1060 aluminium plate, the aluminium coil, the aluminium strip, and the other: the supplier (aluminium plate manufacturer) The required content of the purchaser after the negotiation must be marked in the contract, which needs to be specified in the order form. The thickness, length, width, etc. of the 1060 aluminium plate shown in the invoice.
The above is part of the national standard of the 1060 aluminium plate introduced by the aluminium plate manufacturer. Of course, this is only part of it. For more detailed information, you can consult online or send us an email.
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