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Mingtai aluminum seize the opportunity to promote enterprise development

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-21 19:15
Activities to "talk about policy, solve problems, increase confidence, steady growth" as the theme, implement the spirit of the city's industrial economic work conference, to policy implementation and factor protection as the focus, improve the communication between government and enterprises, the two mechanisms, organize policy advocacy group, full-time liaison go to the enterprises, preaching provincial and municipal policies to help enterprises solve problems, enhance business and entrepreneur confidence, effective crack the implementation problem of the policy "last mile", for the full year to complete the objectives and tasks to provide a strong support.
City Science and Technology Commission for the development of private economy point their views, advanced manufacturing industry to guide the cultivation of funds to declare, intellectual property protection, high-technology enterprise declaration, hospital cooperation, the results of identification to support enterprise development and technological innovation business interpretation. Development and Reform Commission, Finance Office, Local Taxation Bureau and other functional departments can provide preferential policies for enterprises to preach.

City Science and Technology Commission person in charge said, the publicity is to do business services, send policy to the door, to carry out the authority of interpretation, to expand the publicity and awareness of the policy, so that the majority of small and medium enterprises know the policy, understand the policy, rely on the national policy to become bigger and stronger, so that the national policy to benefit the enterprise.
East of Gongyi New District Administrative Committee of the relevant person in charge of, the requirements of the enterprise service units, to strengthen and corporate communication, and actively send policies into the enterprise, from top to bottom together to form a concerted effort; enterprises should be good at research and use of policies, take the initiative to declare related projects; upgrade the pace to implement the policy to promote transformation.
Henan Gongyi City Aluminum Industry Industrial Zone is China even Asia's largest ordinary aluminum plate with foil processing base, located in the Zhengzhou and Luoyang industrial corridor important node location. Mingtai Aluminum as the Gongyi city aluminum processing industry leading enterprises, to achieve from scratch, from weak to strong, which is the gorgeous change. The development of Mingtai Aluminum is inseparable from the concern of leaders. Mingtai Aluminum will seize the opportunity of advocating activities of preferential policies, earnestly study and make use of the policy. Mingtai Aluminum will strive to continue to break through in the deep processing and production technology of aluminum, expand the scale of enterprises, continue to optimize the product upgrade, and ultimately achieve better development of enterprises, so as to promote regional economic growth, commitment to corporate social responsibility.
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