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China Aero Engine Group set up Mingtai Aluminum aerospace aluminum

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-22 11:29
On August 28, 2016, the establishment of the China Aero Engine Group was held in Beijing. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping made important instructions to emphasize, The decision made by the Party Central Committee to form the China Aeroengine Group Corporation, which is a major step taken from the strategic height of the rich and powerful military forces, the reform of the state-owned enterprises and the reform of the aviation industry. We hope that you will bear in mind the mission, keep in mind the responsibility, adhere to the interests of the country first, adhere to the depth of integration of military and civilian development, adhere to the implementation of innovation-driven strategy, bold innovation, determined to reform, down to earth, to climb the peak, accelerate the development of aircraft engines and gas turbines independent research and production. To build our country into a strong power of aviation and make unremitting efforts.
China Aviation Aircraft Group was established, Xi Jinping instructions: to speed up the aircraft engine and gas turbine independent research and development and manufacturing; Li Keqiang instructions: adhere to the depth of integration development of military and civilian, adhere to the implementation of innovation-driven strategy.
Aluminum alloy plate is an important structural material of aerospace, mainly used for fuselage skin, wing and stability skin, fuselage frame, fuel tank and other structures. Mingtai Aluminum to commercial and military aircraft to provide reliable products through advanced aluminum manufacturing technology.
Mingtai Aluminum aerospace aluminum manufacturing has its own unique advantages

Maintenance costs are reduced
Through the application of aluminum alloy composite materials, aerospace aircraft on the shell material can reduce the density of 5% -7%, material stiffness increased by 7%, reducing the weight of 10%, in order to improve fuel efficiency, and because of the resistance of aluminum alloy corrosive and good anti-fatigue and anti-damage tolerance, to extend the inspection interval of time, making the spacecraft maintenance costs.
Year processing of 450,000 tons of strip hot rolling mill production line
Mingtai Aluminum aluminum plate with an annual capacity of 450,000 tons of 1 +1 hot continuous rolling production line, can fully meet the aviation, transportation, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other aspects of the national economy special requirements.
The establishment of the China Aeroengine Group, for the Mingtai Aluminum, not only is an opportunity, but also is a challenge. Mingtai Aluminum and Mingtai people should go all out to meet the challenges, seize the opportunity.
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