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Why China's aluminum plate manufacturer to innovate?

Edit:admin Date: 2017-02-23 09:40
State Department of "Made in China 2025" pointed out: to develop high-end manufacturing national strategy, and as a country power of the first decade of action program. Ministry of Industry said that China from the current start, from the manufacturing big to the manufacturing power change. So, as a specific manufacturing and processing industry, how should the upgrade, in order to achieve this strategic goal? We use domestic non-ferrous metal manufacturing aluminum processing, for example, analysis of domestic aluminum plate manufacturer to upgrade the road.
Get rid of the "big but not strong" predicament
Aluminum plate with foil is an important product of aluminum processing enterprises. In the international market, China has become a global aluminum foil products processing power, but in the ship, rail, aerospace and other high-end areas, domestic aluminum processing enterprise product development is lagging behind, lack of the core competitiveness of the product market in the international competition, aluminum processing enterprises of this pain point, but also one of China's manufacturing pain point.

Experts say there are two reasons for this problem with aluminum processing companies. First, the ability of independent innovation is not enough, the key core technology is a foreign enterprise monopoly. Second, the brand quality level is not high enough. In the international arena, have advantages and influential aluminum enterprises are the serious shortage of, the domestic aluminum processing as a whole in the value chain in the low-end. Third, the industrial structure is not reasonable, the domestic region of the product homogeneity competition is serious, the core competitiveness and brand value to be improved. China did not form a real prosperity. This is the current China's aluminum processing industry, the main dilemma, but also domestic aluminum processing enterprises to the international stage of the main obstacles.
Innovation is a competitive magic weapon             
At present, the domestic aluminum processing industry has experienced extensive development, then ushered in the structural adjustment and maintain the growth opportunities and adjustments. China turned into the crucial period of tackling toughness. Aluminum processing to the high-end forward, enterprises should be in the high-end transition. Seize the opportunity is to seize the development, overcome the challenge is to overcome the difficulties.
On the whole, the strong enterprises have more advantages, large enterprises rich in resources, leading technology, you can use their own resources, ahead of the layout of the market, adjust the product structure, combining production and research, enhance the technological innovation capability. Only to grasp the core technology, in order to change the market competition in an invincible position.
In China's aluminum plate with foil processing enterprises, both the Henan Mingtai Aluminum, Chongqing Southwest Aluminum this first-class leading enterprises, but also large and small small and medium enterprises, in this round of innovation and competition in enterprises, the size of enterprises are should seize the opportunity to seek long-term development.
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